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  • Highly successful track record of selling product into the Government.
  • Outstanding abilities at identifying and capitalizing on emerging market opportunities
  • Ten years of experience in all aspects of raising venture capital, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Strong sales, marketing and operations orientation.
  • Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Engineering. Licensed Professional Engineer.

Over a career of over 25 years, Gina Dubbé is an accomplished manager of commercial and government acquisitions. Her knowledge of technology and the integration of technology in solving problems allows for comprehensive and cost effective solutions for customers.

In her role as Managing Partner of Walker Ventures, Gina Dubbé is responsible for the qualification and selection of investment portfolio companies that are focused on selected technology areas. Gina has joined the Board of Directors of several of Walker Ventures' portfolio companies. As a trusted business advisor, the portfolio clients can expect Gina to provide management insight on strategic corporate and technology direction, as well as assistance in fund raising strategies.

Competitively positioning companies, products and technologies is what Gina does best. With 15 years of cross-functional expertise, her background has encompassed all sales, marketing and business development arenas in tandem with solid engineering, general management, organizational development and project management qualifications.

Prior to the founding of Walker Ventures, Gina held several key sales and engineering management positions with RJO Enterprises, Inc., ORACLE Corporation, PRC Corporation, Interleaf Corporation, and Trusted Information Systems. In each assignment, she identified and capitalized on emerging market opportunities, building flagship programs to capture national accounts within the public and private business sectors. Her responsibilities have encompassed strategic sales and marketing planning and implementation, business development, product positioning, and recruitment/development. She has traveled worldwide, negotiating licensing contracts, multi-channel partnerships and direct sales relationships.

Gina is a Licensed Professional Engineer (Virginia) with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University and a Master's degree in Engineering from George Washington University




Gina Dubbé,
Trusted Horizons Management Consulting